How it Works

Let's be honest, shopping for car insurance isn't very much fun. It's boring, time consuming and very repititive. With Find Cheaper Insurance, you do all your comparisions in 10 minutes! Here's how it works. Once you've submitted you're insurance application, we will send it to an average of 3 insurance brokers who deliver your insurance quotes within minutes. How that for easy! Follow the two simple steps above and get stated.


Feb 15, 2014 | Financing a Car

financing a carFinancing a Car Financing a car can be a scary prospect. Not only are cars one of the biggest purchases that people make in their lives, but it can also be a complicated purchase for those who don’t really understand … Continue reading

Nov 13, 2013 | Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

winter carJust as there are things you do to prepare your home for winter, there are a number of steps you can take in getting your car ready for winter. As winter driving differs from that of any other season, there are … Continue reading